Things worth knowing about the M-Technik aerodynamic package BMW E36:

Since there are always questions about retrofitting and the need to register the M-Technik parts on the E36, I have put together everything that is available in terms of information here.

When looking at the release (this is part of the conversion catalog and can be printed out at BMW) the following can be seen:

The individual elements each have several ABE’s with different numbers.
It is noticeable that the ABE’s with the numbers F547 and F920 are listed for all parts. A look to the very top right shows that these two ABE’s are those of the BMW E36.
It follows that if the requirements mentioned here are met (namely the complete installation of the front and rear bumpers and the sills), the parts are included in the ABE of the vehicle and therefore an entry is not necessary because of the general ABE.
What I have not yet been able to finally clarify is the question of whether the spoiler lip and the GT corners are included in the vehicle ABE. However, I assume that the lip and the corners are mandatory when attaching the Class II rear spoiler.
In the case of the said Class II rear spoiler, BMW contradicts itself with the statement that the aerodynamic components may only be completely attached. The support for the spoiler is the front bumper including the lip and GT corners, the rear bumper and the sills are only recommended here, but not required.


But then why the individual ABE’s?

Anyone who reads the individual ABE’s of the components will find that there are no requirements regarding the complete installation of the aerodynamic package.
Furthermore, at least in the single ABE of the front bumper, the spoiler lip and GT corners are included as options.
It is also clearly stated here that an approval of the extension by an expert is not necessary. It is also stated that the dimensions of the vehicle are not changed.

Finally, I would like to clarify a few other questions that have been raised several times and never properly answered:


Are there differences between the “original” M3 parts and the so-called M-Technik parts that were installed on the other E36 models?
With the exception of the grille insert in the front apron, there are no differences, the parts are identical for all models, whether M3 or not M3, whether factory-fitted or retrofitted. In the M3, the expanded metal insert (part no. 51 11 2 250 685) was used, in all the others the panels, which only consist of three struts. (Part no. 51 11 2 233 869 or 51 11 2 233 870) The different order numbers of the M3 front apron of the M3 Coupe and the so-called M-Technik front apron only result from the fact that the M3 front apron already has the Holes for the lip are drilled. In addition, the M3 front apron is cut out wider than the M Technik front aprons. Therefore, the lower two triangular covers are installed on the M3 front apron to attach the inner fender. For those who want to retrofit the GT / Class 2 sword, the M 3 front apron is required if you don’t want to saw out the apron.

Can you tell from the papers whether the parts have been installed at the factory?
Special equipment installed at the factory cannot be recognized by the papers (at least with the E36). An exception are wheel-tire combinations whose size does not correspond to the series. (Original statement from BMW headquarters on request) Although not explicitly entered in the papers, M-Technik chassis installed at the factory can also be recognized by the 15 mm lower vehicle height.

What is the difference between BMW motorsport accessories and BMW special accessories? What is installed on my car?
All parts dealt with here are motorsport accessories. (Motorsport accessories = M technology)
The special accessories are absolutely exotic. Special accessories were never installed at the factory. The special accessory front and rear apron is not a complete bumper, but only an attachment that is mounted on the lower area of ​​the series bumper (below the bumper strip).
Although not designated as an optional accessory, in addition to the M-Technik side sill trims there are also the “smooth” standard side sill trims, which are fitted as special equipment on some vehicles. These were also installed on some compact models instead of the M-Technik rocker panels in conjunction with M-Technik front and rear aprons.

This is the variant of the front apron of the BMW E36 M package. Here you can see the grid (outlined in red.)
This is the variant of the front apron of the BMW M aerodynamics package. You can clearly see that instead of the grille there are 2 thick struts (outlined in red) in the middle, in contrast to the BMW E36 M package
When comparing this, you can see the difference between the factory-fitted M Technik front apron (right red) and the retrofit BMW special accessories, as this has a much narrower recess than the factory-fitted M apron. The special accessories are not a complete apron like the M apron, but only an attachment for the original one and the existing apron, which is simply glued onto the originals as an attachment and screwed to the existing apron at the bottom. This approach goes as far as the black bumper bars.
The rear apron is also different for the BMW special accessories retrofitting (pictured below, black). Here, too, the main difference is that it is not a complete apron like the M aerodynamics package (green above), but also, like the front panel, an attachment for the original apron, which also comes with it was glued and screwed. Another feature is that the diffuser is not divided, as with the M aerodynamic apron, but that the approach, like the front approach, goes to the black bumper strips. The corners of the diffuser are also different. While the approach of the BMW special accessories aerodynamic package is rounded at the corners, the edges of the M package (above) run almost at right angles and it is also easy to see in the picture that the diffuser is separate from the rear apron at the top and not at the bottom. The number of diffuser struts is also different. While the M aerodynamic apron (above) still has 3 vertical struts, the BMW special accessory Ansaz has to get by with only 2 struts and in different positions.
The manufacturer of this BMW special accessories aerodynamics set was, like the spoilers of the E36 M3 GT and the special model BMW 318is Class 2, also the company Pfeba Kunststofftechnik GMbH, which went into bankruptcy at the beginning of the millennium. In addition to the aerodynamic parts already mentioned, this company also manufactured other spoilers and plastic parts for BMW. Due to the insolvency of the company, many accessories and aerodynamic parts are no longer available and BMW did not have them reproduced by other manufacturers either, since the E36 was no longer produced and there was no warranty obligation.
Here on these two pictures you can clearly see how it looked exactly dismantled and that the BMW special accessories aerodynamics package is only about attachments that were glued and screwed to the series aprons
Here are the skirt strips of the BMW E36 M aerodynamics package.
Here you can clearly see the difference. These are not asymmetrical or rotated compared to the BMW E36 M package sills.
Here is an example of a later attached bumper from a BMW E36 M package. Often these are simply screwed in and plastic covers, air ducts and fog lights or the covers (for vehicles without fog lights) are missing.


The numbers can also be found in the ETK. Enter an M3 as the vehicle and then under Technical Literature => General Operating Permit
All are listed here, but only according to KBA numbers. There are no uniform prices, each dealer sets them himself. In my experience, they usually cost € 2.00 – € 3.00 per ABE.