BMW E36 Compact Individual special model High Sport

In 1996, when the E36 series was phased out, since the E46 was already in the starting blocks and delivery was to begin in 1998, numerous “special models”, perhaps better said “special offers” of all variants of the E36. I therefore say “special offers” because these models are not really special editions, which were planned and then deliberately set in specified and limited numbers from the outset, such as the E36 Class 2, the E36 M3 GT or the E30, for example the special models European Champion or Sport Evolution was the case. These models also had no special badges or special parts that were only available for this particular model, or even only sales brochures with which BMW advertised these special models.

Although these models are also listed as “special series” in the production history, and the production day is also entered, as is the case with the real special models, but there is no information about what exactly this package makes and what makes this special equipment so special.

With the BMW E36 Compackt for the European market there were, I just call it that, “special offers”, “fashion”, “high sport” and “young at heart”. There was also a small series “KA54” that was put together by the BMW dealership FREESE in Oldenburg.

All of these “special offers” had a corresponding basic equipment, which was then expanded to include one or more packages and individual additional items, which are attractive for the respective selected target group, for which the respective ” Special model ”and was intended by the BMW Marketing Department, simply expanded. In addition, of course, as with all BMW models, the customer also had the option of ordering additional extras that were not already included in the packages or that did not collide due to the “special offer – basic equipment” at an additional cost.

This in advance as general information about these variants for a better understanding.

We did a lot of research and found that there is almost no information on such vehicles, and unfortunately even BMW AG no longer has any data on these vehicles, as this was only offered in the factory as a “temporary special offer” in 1997.

The High Sport special model of the BMW E36 Compact was sold in 1997 on the occasion of the BMW price offensive with the BMW internal designation “Individual Series 96 Value Added Strategy” together with the other special models “Young at Heart” and the other special model “FASHION” in only 100 vehicles manufactured. In addition to the options and equipment package in the order catalog, such as the “Exclusive Package SA971”, which are additionally ordered with the vehicle anyway and essentially consists of the following features:

The interior consists of an Alcantara / fabric combination with the name “Looping II”, door panels in black with fabric cover “Loop II”. The gearshift and the handbrake bellows are in black soft nappa leather with black quilted thread and the M steering wheel airbag leather part number 32342228230 also has black quilted thread. Headlining in anthracite with the M spoiler package.

These special HIGH SPORT models were only available in the BMW individual color Dakar yellow.


BMW E36 Compact Special edition “High Sport” Individualserie 96 Mehrwertsstrategie 


BMW E36 Compact special model “High Sport” Individual series 96 value added strategy with seat upholstery “Looping II”