The BMW trailer – BMW trailer


Something really curious was BMW’s idea to offer its customers their own BMW trailer, BMW part number 86119410982, for the transport of motorcycles. This trailer could be ordered from BMW between 1998 and 2003 via the accessories catalog. In addition to various access and loading ramps, BMW part number 86309410984, called by BMW modules, there was also the motorcycle module, BMW part number 86229410983, the trailer transport module 1, BMW part number 86239410985, and the BMW trailer transport module 2, BMW part number 86239410986, and the trailer lashing system, BMW part number 86309415382, and trailer supports, BMW part number 86309415383, which could be mounted directly on the end of the trailer. There was also a trailer hood, BMW part number 86110008687, with 2 flaps at the front. However, the height of the trailer hood was only 55cm, so that the trailer was rather cumbersome and had little space for loading. For this trailer hood, BMW also offered a lift, BMW part number 82719404400, as well as an adapter for attaching the cables to the trailer hood, BMW part number 86300004171, so that the trailer hood could also be assembled and disassembled by yourself. For this purpose, a device was mounted on the ceiling of a garage and hooks were screwed into the trailer hood, similar to the convertible hardtops.


However, these trailers were sold very little and BMW took them out of the range at the end of 2003.


A sales brochure for this BMW trailer or BMW trailer can hardly be found at all. So here are a few pictures from the official sales prospectus …












































This was the price list for the BMW Multi Trailer….




Here are a few pictures of the rare BMW multitrailer …










The BMW Multi Trailer was available in white and anthracite….