Certainly, many owners of beautiful vehicles, classics such as young and oldtimers or those vehicles that will be in the future, are in such a way that these vehicles can hardly be used or enjoyed, at least you don’t have the feeling of having enough time to go with them to spend this. They are often in garages or halls, covered and wait until you have a little time to deal with them. You have the feeling that you just don’t see them enough.

Then you quickly come up with the obvious idea of ​​buying a model of the car, as exactly as you own it, in the same color and with all the details, and placing it in a glass showcase in your house or apartment. But sometimes that’s just not enough.

So we came up with the idea that you should actually have the vehicle in your living room, apartment or house. But honestly who has that much space for a whole car in the house, and how is that supposed to work? So we looked for alternatives and came up with the idea of ​​simply removing a striking part of the body from a scrap vehicle and replicating it as close as possible to our original model or at least trying to design it exactly like the vehicle that we own.

At some point the decision was made that it should be the front end, as this is a very distinctive part of the BMW E36 on the one hand and promised the most benefit on the other. So off to the junkyard with the Flex.

The design was clear, only with the color we had first considered whether black or white maybe? … Then it was like scales from my eyes … No “Britsh Racing Green” M package and GT corners and sword, like my BMW E36 M3 GT!

During assembly, however, we had to omit the sword, otherwise larger rollers would have been necessary, it should also remain mobile, which would then have made the whole thing too high, which simply didn’t look good at all after a pre-assembly on the side . So only the GT corners.

But the whole thing should also have a function. The satellite reciver, the X Box should have space in it and all the lighting, parking lights, low beam, high beam, fog lamps and hazard warning lights should work.

Therefore, the original switches with plugs and wiring harness, as well as a fuse box and the relays had to be modified and adapted and a car battery with charger also had to be installed. This also required a battery master switch. 2 /// M logos should also be projected onto both the ceiling and the floor.

A good acquaintance, colleague, partner and friend created everything by himself and without my help, except for the procurement of the necessary material and the parts, with which he had also helped me! At this point, many, many thanks for your help and time and skills that you have sacrificed for this. Without your help and support, this project would certainly not have turned out to be one of my many fixed ideas.

The paintwork, as always when I have to have something painted, if you value quality and skill, is done by the Auto Stanojevic company in Homburg, which is run by my good friend Sacha as a master mechanic and his family, and who are me and mine Treated own family, conjured up in top quality by the mechanic / painter / body builder Marek “Szpack”.

The hood had to be designed in such a way that it could be opened and closed normally and the television should be placed above it and no cables or plugs should be seen.

After the basic frame with rollers and sheet metal attachments had been cut and adapted, the E36 front initially disappeared on the balcony for about 2 years due to time constraints. After that, she stayed for another 2 years because of the lack of time to complete the project. And this year 2019 the time had come in the summer and I was able to finish the project.

Here is the picture documentation …