From March 2010, in connection with the facelift that affected all BMW M3s: For the first time in the BMW M3, there was an auto start / stop function in conjunction with the double clutch transmission DKG. Since then, all M3s have fitted this equipment as standard – of course, it can be deactivated.

As a result, the consumption of the M3 is up to 8 percent or 24 grams of CO2 per kilometer, depending on the model and transmission variant, and is therefore quite considerable. The BMW M3 Coupé (E92) and the BMW M3 Sedan (E90) with seven-speed M DCT Drivelogic now have an average consumption of just 11.2 liters, the value for vehicles with a six-speed manual gearbox is 12.4 liters. The heavier convertible treats itself to 0.3 liters more in the EU cycle. All M3 variants will in future meet the EU5 emissions standard.

Otherwise, the facelift of the BMW M3 also includes some of the visual changes that we know from the normal versions of the BMW 3 Series Coupé and BMW 3 Series Convertible. While the front headlights remain unchanged, the facelift taillights are used at the rear, as expected. These are now colored uniformly red, have LED indicators and the typical LED-fed light banks with a slight L-shape.

The Competition Package and some retrofit options from the range of accessories have also been available especially for the BMW M3 Coupé and BMW M3 Sedan since March 2010. The Competition Package offers a vehicle lowering by 10 millimeters as well as special rims in 19 inch format. The Electronic Damper Control EDC is also part of the package and has a specially tailored sport mode that has been adapted to the modified chassis. The M3 with the Competition Package should have advantages over the normal models in terms of longitudinal dynamics as well as lateral dynamics, but these should not be particularly large.

BMW M3 Competition Package (02/2010) 

For all BMW M3 there will be a carbon rear spoiler and carbon flaps for the front apron from March, which are intended to improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics and can be retrofitted.

BMW M3 Competition Package (02/2010)


The carbon roof was also part of the M3E92 zum Competition Paket dazu. 

BMW M3 Competition Package (02/2010)

The M light alloy wheels with Y spokes 359M (front axle in the dimension 9X19, rear axle in 10X19)

BMW M3 Competition Package (02/2010)


M3 E92 Competition (from March 2010)

Competition Package (7MA) – for E90 and E92 (can be ordered as an equipment package)
– M light alloy wheel Y-spoke 359M (front 9×19 / rear 10×19 – tires remain!)
– Vehicle lowering 10mm
– EDC including new voting

Price € 4,300

Viertel Meile 13.1 s @ 117 mi/h
Höchstgeschwindigkeit 280 km/h / 174 mi/h
Leergewicht 1617 Kilogramm (3565 Pfunde)
Jahr eingeführt 2010
Hubraum 4000 Kubikzentimeter (4.0 Liter / 244 Kubikzoll)
Maximale Leistung 420 Pferdestärke (414 Britische Pferdestärken / 309 Kilowatt)
Maximales Drehmoment 400 Newtonmeter (295 Pfund-Füße)
Motoranordnung Frontmotor
Antrieb Heckantrieb

BMW M3 Competition Package Beschleunigungszeiten in Kilometer pro Stunde

0-10 km/h 0.4 s
0-20 km/h 0.7 s

0-30 km/h

1.0 s
0-40 km/h 1.3 s
0-50 km/h 1.7 s
0-60 km/h 2.0 s
0-70 km/h 2.4 s
0-80 km/h 2.9 s
0-90 km/h 3.5 s
0-100 km/h 4.2 s
0-110 km/h 5.1 s
0-120 km/h 6.2 s
0-130 km/h 7.4 s
0-140 km/h 8.7 s
0-150 km/h 10.0 s
0-160 km/h 11.3 s
0-170 km/h 12.6 s
0-180 km/h 13.7 s
0-190 km/h 14.6 s
0-200 km/h 15.3 s


100 Meter 5.6 s @ 122 km/h
200 Meter 8.6 s @ 157 km/h
300 Meter 11.0 s @ 176 km/h
400 Meter 13.0 s @ 189 km/h
500 Meter 14.9 s @ 198 km/h