In order to promote the BMW X5 E83, which was newly launched at the time, BMW created the X5 Le Mans.

The V12 winning engine from Le Mans just fits into the engine compartment

For this purpose, BMW left its motorsport department with the V12 engine from the Le Mans winning vehicle of the prototype class, V12 LMR, and was reduced to 700 hp and with a 6-speed manual transmission in the BMW X5, which was almost in series condition and has just appeared on the market obstruct.

The chassis was only lowered by 30mm by a sports suspension and 18 inch BBS rims were installed. The entire conversion project could therefore be implemented by BMW engineers within 4 months.

After its completion, Hans Joachim Stuck tested the recently completed BMW X5 Le Mans prototype. In the record time of 7 minutes and 49 seconds, Stuck moved the car around the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring, which was previously considered impossible to move a vehicle of this type below the magical limit of 8 minutes. The BMW X5 Le Mans reached a top speed of unbelievable 309 km / h!

You will probably not see the BMW X5 Le Mans in the wild. If you’re lucky, maybe like here at an event.


BMW X5 Le Mans Video