For the 25th anniversary of the BMW M3, a top BMW model called the BMW M3 GTS was recently built, also in a limited edition of only 135 copies. The latest special model, the BMW M3 CRT, is an M3 E90 sedan, equipped with M3 GTS technology. Unmistakable visual features of the new BMW M3 top model are subtle orange accents on the exterior and a very successful combination of orange, black leather and carbon.

The BMW M3 CRT relied heavily on the carbon technology known from racing and aerospace. The latest BMW M3 special model also serves as a pioneer for future lightweight construction technology in BMW M road vehicles.



Weight savings through lightweight construction

Interieur des BMW M3 CRT mit hochwertigen Sportsitzen und Alcantara Lenkrad

Like other manufacturers, BMW has been using lightweight components made of carbon for decades in racing, while the road models only have the roof or, if need be, the BMW airbox made of carbon (e.g. BMW M3 CSL). The metal bonnet of the BMW M3 CRT has given way to a CFRP bonnet. The lightweight part made it possible to save approx. 50% weight in the area of ​​the bonnet.

The seat shells of the new special model are also innovative. Like the roof skin, they are made of a recycled paper honeycomb and have been laminated with carbon in the visible area and then coated with clear varnish. This production process enables a cost-effective, easy and, above all, environmentally friendly way of making carbon in road vehicles acceptable.

The four-pipe exhaust system was also replaced by a titanium exhaust system in order to further reduce the annoying weight, so that the power-to-weight ratio is 3.5 kg per HP, as the vehicle has a total weight of 1580 kg.

Technology from the BMW M3 GTS

The technology of the young sports sedan is familiar from the BMW M3 GTS: 4.4l S65 V8 engine with 450 hp / 440 Nm, 7-speed M DKG Drivelogic transmission. The CRT, like the GTS, has an additional output of 30 hp compared to the M3 E92 / E93 series model. Sports suspension promise pure driving pleasure!


The standard equipment of the BMW M3 CTR includes a navigation system, high-quality sound system, light, exterior mirror and luggage compartment package, alarm system and PDC (Park Distance Control) with sensors on the front and rear bumpers. Despite this, considerable equipment for a BMW M3 sports model, the sedan should weigh 70 kilograms less than the M3 GTS.


In total, the M3 CRT weighs 1,580 kilograms (1,655 kilograms according to EU standards). The combination of reduced weight, power boost and launch control of the standard seven-speed dual clutch transmission gives the BMW M3 CRT a sprint time from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.4 seconds. The normal M3 sedan manages this discipline in 4.7 seconds. BMW specifies the maximum speed of the CRT as a governed 290 km / h. M GmbH has given the M3 CRT, which is limited to only 67 units, a special chassis so that it does not only go straight ahead quickly but also quickly and safely around the corner. These were sold within 24 hours of being announced. The front and rear axle construction was supplemented by a rigidly bolted rear axle carrier and a coilover suspension, the dampers of which can be adjusted independently of each other in rebound and compression.

There was a case with the appropriate tools for adjusting the chassis.

In addition, a more stable brake system was installed. Its discs measure 378 x 32 millimeters on the front axle and 380 x 28 millimeters on the rear axle. Six pistons each grip the discs. 245 tires at the front and 265 tires at the rear – both in 19-inch format – establish contact with the road. In order to convey the sporting potential of the M3 CRT sedan to the outside world, all 67 cars can be recognized by their paintwork in Frozen Polar Silver and applications in Melbourne Red, metallic. In the interior, special entry sills, door panels and aluminum decorative strips ensure an unmistakable appearance. What is missing? The price. And M3 fans have to be really strong now. M GmbH charges 130,000 euros for the super sedan. There are almost two M3 sedans off the peg (unit price 66,880 euros). Everyone is welcome to decide for themselves whether the CRT surcharge is justified. The clientele has obviously long since formed an opinion.