BMW introduced the VIDEO M.I.T. training system back in the late 1970s. System introduced at all dealers.

These were retained by BMW until around 1995 and always supplemented for all models until then and thus operated in parallel with the advanced training courses.

This training system essentially consisted of 3 components, a color television, a somewhat special VIDO U Matic player and an input computer that is connected between the VIDEO player and the television.

The videos are provided with a data track that sends the corresponding signals to the input computer. The videos themselves are in most cases tutorial and training videos for the individual model series.

Essentially, a training course runs as follows:

The course is divided into sections. A corresponding process or innovation is presented and explained in these sections. At the end of each section, questions are asked about this that the participant can answer. After the respective correct answers to the questions, the course continues. In the event that the questions were answered incorrectly, the video playback device automatically rewinds to the places where the presentation explains the incorrectly answered question again.

At the end of the course, a corresponding grade will be given to determine what percentage of the participants has achieved.

This was then entered in a list of participants by the workshop foreman. This list was then always presented to the BMW AG auditor at the next audit.

The participant received a certificate of attendance (SIP) in which the respective course was documented. This certificate was then always stuck into the exercise book by the participant as proof of participation.

In addition to the courses, there were also some presentation and event videos, as well as some model presentations and documentation on motorsport events.

The exact number is unknown. We currently have 182 cartridges.