The so-called GT corners, official designation BMW “lower part right” (BMW part number 51112264029) and “lower part left” (BMW part number 51112264030), are also available as accessories as replicas. These parts were only installed ex works in the special model BMW E36 M3 GR, which is limited to 365 pieces, and the special model BMW 318iS Class 2, which is limited to 2,500 pieces. That these parts at BMW currently € 183.13 each! So the set costs 366.25 € (as of April 19, 2021), the search or the use of alternatives in the accessories is well worth considering and legitimate, given the fact that these already from 16.90 € the pair !!! mind you !!! plus shipping will be offered. It is therefore already obvious that with a price difference of around € 350 you have to be prepared to make compromises and deductions in terms of accuracy of fit and quality!

We have therefore ordered a set from 2 different suppliers (JOHM and LION) for € 16.90 and € 25.90 in order to compare them with the originals from BMW.

First of all we have to say that the GT corners ordered and delivered from LION are the same as those from JOHM. LION has not even bothered to pack them differently and has also sent them to us in the JOHM packaging. The only difference was the bill!


The differences can already be seen here in the picture.



As can be clearly seen here, the lower surface (mounting surface) of the accessory variant (in the picture below), in contrast to the originals from BMW (in the picture above), is smooth. However, it makes sense that this structure of the original GT corners is inserted precisely in the spoiler lip on the bumper and fastened together on the bumper to increase the rigidity.

Due to the fact that this structure is completely absent in the accessory variant, the rigidity and strength are many times lower. The original attachment cannot be used either.



This is probably due to the fact that these accessories can be attached directly to the front apron without the spoiler bar. That is why the manufacturer also includes small self-tapping screws for fastening in the scope of delivery (see picture above).



The shape of the corners is also not even remotely correct, as can be clearly seen in the picture here. In addition, the outer holes on the side are also incorrect.




The bending radius is also not identical. However, an adjustment is possible with compromises, you simply have to average out the corners, they are then not 100% flush with the spoiler edge, because the change in the bending radius inevitably closes the angle at the bumper towards the wheel house and creates a gap arises.




In the following we have mounted the corners on a vehicle with an original BMW M bumper and an original BMW sword strip. We had to make sure that the corners on the side of the apron towards the wheel arch were flush. This was the reference know. Then we aligned the corners to the front, as far as we could, as this inevitably changes the radius.




The thing is, if the side fits, the angles in the front don’t fit anymore, as the following pictures show …




As a result, the rounding comes out further and has to protrude a bit so that the angle is still a few dimensions flush with the front, as the picture above and the following pictures show …







Same thing on the other side …










Our conclusion :

We would definitely not install these parts on a Class 2 or an M3 GT. This is definitely not an alternative for us, as the accuracy of fit, to put it mildly, is rather unfavorable.

The quality of the material of the accessory corners (ABS) is okay. The attachment is poor.

The question that is still in the room, if we would install it on another vehicle, we would like to answer with a view to the StVZO:

These corners do not have a KBA test and neither have an ABE nor a parts certificate. While the originals from BMW not only have a BMW part number plate (see picture)



and can therefore be verified directly via the ET K (spare parts catalog) at the manufacturer BMW, the accessory corners naturally do not have this and are therefore not allowed in the area of ​​the German StVZO. The assembly of these parts thus invalidates the general operating license for the vehicle.