First, the tarpaulin was completely made and labeled
Then the entire trailer was taken apart and roughened with a pad and painted in glossy black acrylic
After that all the elements that were removed before painting were reattached. All components were completely cleaned beforehand

It is important that the lasered chassis number and the nameplate are still legible and recognizable, otherwise the next MOT will not work

The trailer was then mounted again with the tarpaulin before the labels and stickers were attached, in order to be able to determine the exact positions so that these are not later covered by the tarpaulin.
The first lettering was determined, measured what goes where, then individually made with ORACAL film based on the measured dimensions, then positioned and attached
In the front area, too, the existing, possible advertising space was used as best as possible
Our new website, the vehicle register for the special models BMW E36 318 Is Class 2, was also placed on our advertising trailer as advertising