This register was updated in December 2022 for the special models: BMW E36 M3 GT (356 vehicles plus 2 development vehicles), BMW E36 M3 GT Individual (50 vehicles for UK), BMW E36 M3 EVO Individual (50 vehicles for UK),BMW E36 M3 Lightweight (126 vehicles for the USA), BMW 218is Class 2, the BMW E36 Clubsport and the E30 M3.

For us it is about the history or rather the VITA of these vehicles, how they left the factory, where these vehicles were, what the owners know about these vehicles and much more. It’s about capturing as many details as possible from these vehicles so that you can understand how many of them still exist.

But it is also of inestimable value for the owners or potential buyers of such vehicles. Because the more information about the vehicles is known and the more documented the history of individual vehicles is, the greater the added value of the vehicle compared to a vehicle whose past is completely unknown!

In the following registers you will find the COMPLETE 17-digit chassis number (VIN) for each vehicle, as well as the equipment list with the special equipment with which the respective vehicles left the factory, as well as the respective documentation of the history of the vehicles known to us.


BMW M3 GT Register Register (356 Fahrzeuge)


BMW M3 GT Individual Register Register (50 Fahrzeuge UK und Irland)


BMW M3 GT EVO Individual Register (50 Fahrzeuge UK und Irland)


BMW M3 GT Lightweight Register (126 Fahrzeuge USA)


BMW E36 M3-R  Register (15 Fahrzeuge Australien) 


BMW E36 318is Class 2 Register (2500 Fahrzeuge)


BMW E36 Clubsport Register 


BMW M3 E30 Register (17.970 Fahrzeuge)