With the BMW model of the E36 series, there are many problems with rust in vehicles from the Regensburg plant, especially with the “pre-facelift models”. This is due to the fact that, on the one hand, new seals were used for the cavities in this plant, and the application of the seal did not work properly for several years.

On this project vehicle, also a pre-face lift model, you can see the typical and neuralgic areas well, and also, as can be seen in the pictures, after removing or detaching the base sill, these typical areas can be seen well, especially as it actually is looks behind it. It can be clearly seen on the pictures that there is no factory-applied seal on the areas inside the sills, but only the dip primer. Especially on the A-pillars, on the inner side of the fender and the inner sill area in front of the rear wheels, where the water drains from the roof end in the sill and inner fender, especially there, the water tends to build up, as these always clog there and that over the Years of collected dirt like a sponge that absorbs moisture and no longer dries. The processes should therefore be inspected regularly and the dirt removed. A sure sign that the processes are no longer working properly can be seen in the fact that water is leaking from the roof area at the jacking points.

The vehicle of the E36 Touring documented here from 1996, nevertheless a “pre-face lift model”, shows all typical rust problems and their origins and therefore served as a perfect example of these typical neuralgic areas of the vehicle.