To say goodbye to the E92, BMW released the Frozen Edition towards the end of 2009. This M3 was available in the colors Frozen White, Frozen Red and Frozen Blue (ATTENTION: Not Frozen Black!), This was added later. This edition cost an additional $ 15,000

15 copies were made, with the color Frozen White being the most popular. You can recognize this edition by one of the three matt paints, the competition package with sporty rims and the premium package. In the interior, the seams have the same color as the exterior color. All other interior elements are black.


Frozen white 


Frozen Red 

Frozen blue 

BMW M3 E92 Coupé Frozen Silver Edition


In 2012 BMW M celebrated its 40th birthday. A perfect reason to bring out the Frozen Silver Edition. The matte silver makes the M3 more impressive. In addition, the M3 got matt black 19-inch sports rims, a new exhaust system, carbon elements and the car was lowered by 10 millimeters.


In the interior everything consists of Black Novillo leather, light gray accents and also carbon. A small badge describes the special edition and the serial number.


BMW M3 with Competition Package in Frozen Black Metallic


For everyone who deals intensively with BMW, the existence of the color Frozen Black Metallic has long been no secret. However, official photos were a long time coming, even if a BMW M3 in the special color was already exhibited at Auto China 2010.

Frozen Black Metallic is, so to speak, the second part of a series that BMW started in 2009 with the likewise matt color Frozen Gray Metallic. The matt gray should initially be reserved for the BMW M6 Competition, but was then also available for the BMW M3 and BMW M5. This color could only be ordered in combination with the Competition Package for the M3.

From a personal conversation with head of design Adrian van Hooydonk, we know that he is currently driving a BMW M3 Coupé in Frozen Black Metallic and is obviously very impressed with the color. Especially in combination with the painted carbon add-on parts and light-colored rims, the result is an interesting overall picture that should guarantee curious glances.

BMW M3 Competition Package (04/2010)


BMW M3 Competition Package (04/2010)


BMW M3 Competition Package (04/2010)


BMW M3 Competition Package (04/2010)


BMW M3 Competition Package (04/2010)


BMW M3 Competition Package (04/2010)


BMW M3 Competition Package (04/2010)

Matt Edition for China

Due to the strong economic growth in China, car manufacturers keep coming up with special versions of existing models. The cars are still sold and a limited model is always nice to have. Rolls-Royce regularly builds China editions based on Ghost and Phantom and that is no different at BMW. An M3 Tiger Edition and an M3 Carbon Edition have already been produced especially for China. Another special variant that was built on the basis of the M3 is the M3 Matte Edition.

The M3 Matte Edition is available in two colors, Gunmetal Gray and Matte Black below. There are small details on the outside that reveal that it is a special variant. For example, the air inlets behind the front wheels are black and the exhaust outlets are also black. Usually these are chrome-plated. The model also has an interior that is characterized by carbon fiber details and red stitching. The car looks pretty grim in the matte black, but that suits a tough BMW M3 like this one! BMW only produced 250 copies of the M3 Matte Edition.


BMW M3 E92 Coupé Carbon Edition


The Chinese love sports cars and the M3 was very popular there too. In general, the Chinese love everything that is limited. And that’s why BMW created the Carbon Edition for the Chinese market alone. In 2011, all 111 copies were sold in a flash. But this edition had its price: $ 189,000 for an M3 with a little carbon and a few additional spoilers wasn’t exactly cheap. The edition was presented at the same time as the M3 Matte Edition and M3 Tiger Edition.