Exactly 2500 units of the BMW E36 Class II (official name BMW E36 318Is Class II / 4) were produced, 1500 of them for the German market. All 2500 Class 2 were produced within 9 weeks between April and June 1994. The special Class 2 model was available in 6 colors.

Cosmos black (color number 303) of which exactly 1197 Alaska blue (color number 367) of which exactly 538 Boston green (color number 275) of which exactly 121 Dakar yellow (color number 267) of which exactly 306 light red (color number 314) of which exactly 321 alpine white 3 (color number 300) of which exactly 17

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you w`ll find all chassis numbers of all 2500 built vehicles, as well as all technical data and special equipment are listed.