Lime Rock Park Edition

For 200 Americans: BMW M3 Lime Rock Edition in Fire Orange Metallic

Lime Rock Park is a well-known racetrack in Salisbury in the US state of Connecticut is one of the most famous racetracks in the USA.

Address Lime Rock Park, 60 White Hollow Rd, Lakeville, CT 06039, United States

It is therefore not surprising that in the year of its 40th birthday, BMW M GmbH named this special model of the M3 from the E92 series, which is limited to 200 copies only, to this great racetrack with a 55-year tradition.

The Lime Rock Park Edition of the BMW M3 special model of the E92 series is a replacement for the American market for the special model M3 GTS, which is not available there and limited to 150 copies.

July 2012
Christopher Webb Films
BMW_Lime Rock Park
new M3 Edition

This vehicle was only available in fire orange, just like the GTS.

In addition to the color, the driving behavior should also be reminiscent of the particularly sharp M3 GTS, because according to race track owner Skip Barber, the Lime Rock Edition is “a classic car for a classic track”. This is ensured, among other things, by the Competition Package including the carbon add-on parts at the front and rear that match the carbon roof, a lightweight titanium exhaust system with Inconel coating and a sports steering wheel with a flattened lower edge and Alcantara cover.

Unfortunately, BMW has once again not attached a badge with the serial number of the vehicle to this special model, which would indicate its exclusivity, as was the case with the limited edition of the E92 M3 Champions Edition, for example. Except for a sticker on the rear window

and the exterior color does not indicate that it is a rare and strictly limited special model, only the Plackette, on the center console still shows that it is one of 200 special models, but unfortunately not which number of the 200 copies

It is also noticeable that the BMW M3 Coupé Lime Rock Edition, just like its brother the M3 GTS, uses a lot of carbon. In addition to the front lip, the makers made the roof and the small rear spoiler lip from carbon fiber composite. A new titanium exhaust system with Iconel coating completes the overall picture, both visually and acoustically.

The drive for the BMW M3 Coupé Lime Rock Edition is the well-known 4.0-liter V8 engine, which is supposed to push the athlete forward with 420 hp. The maximum torque of 400 Nm at 3900 rpm promises a lot of fun when it comes to acceleration values; because in just 4.6 seconds the speedometer needle shoots from the zero position to the first three-digit number on the speedometer.

A combination of anthracite and black nappa leather rules the interior. A numbered badge testifies to the exclusivity of the special model, which is limited to just 200 vehicles.

The BMW M3 Coupé Lime Rock Park Edition is intended to show the deep bond between the Connecticut race track and the BMW brand, especially the M vehicles. The circuit may look relatively straightforward to a layperson if you look at the map. But if you do a lap on it, you will find out that this is supposed to be the racetrack with three of the most difficult corners to drive in the whole of the USA. The American Le Mans Series, among others, is hosted on this racetrack.

The Lime Rock Park Circuit offers almost everything you could want on its short length of just 1.53 miles (2.44 kilometers). Crests, fast bends, high-speed passages and slow bends together make for a refreshing circuit to drive. The new special series of the BMW M3 Coupé, limited to 200 pieces, is to be tailor-made precisely for the route just described.




According to BMW works driver Bill Auberlen, no car is allowed to be perfect; because it is the driver’s job to constantly find something that could make the vehicle even faster. Despite these harsh words, Auberlen adds that this limited version of the M3 would be the car that comes closest to the term perfection without any change. So he wouldn’t change anything about his personal BMW M3 Coupé Lime Rock Edition because he would be more than satisfied with the original vehicle. If that’s not praise for a vehicle?


BMW works driver Bill Auberlen was already able to convince himself of the qualities of the BMW M3 Lime Rock Edition and was impressed afterwards: “A racing car can never be described as perfect. It is the driver’s job to keep suggesting improvements and finding more speed. But the BMW M3 Lime Rock Edition comes extremely close to perfection for a production vehicle. From the fantastic color to the impeccable manners on the racetrack, I would say for the first time that I wouldn’t change anything about this car. “

Racetrack owner Skip Barber adds: “When you see the layout of Lime Rock Park, you think at first glance that you have an easy racetrack in front of you. That’s not the case. It’s extremely difficult to go really fast here. With “The Uphill”, “West Bend” and “The Downhill” we have three of the most challenging corners in North America in Lime Rock. There are difficult peaks, great differences in altitude and very high speeds – which has characterized the route for 55 years. And the BMW M3 Lime Rock Edition with manual gearbox fits perfectly – and I mean perfectly – to the racetrack in terms of gear steps. In this respect, I agree with Bill: I wouldn’t change anything about this vehicle. “

The BMW M3 Coupé Lime Rock Edition is available in the USA for 70,995 US dollars (currently around 55,400 euros). There will be no new cars in this small series in Europe as this vehicle was developed by BMW North America. It’s a pity; because we have to make do with the 450 hp and weight-reduced BMW M3 GTS – an equally convincing vehicle, which is more than twice as expensive and costs 136,850 euros.