The BMW E36 Clubsport special model was announced by BMW in June 1997 at the “BMW M Fahrfaszination” event in Jerrez, Spain, in a limited edition of 500 copies by BMW (see dealer information sheet further down in the article).

Orders from Spain were therefore given preferential treatment, as can also be seen from the dealer information from June 1997.


There is hardly any information about the special club sport model and so far it has not received much attention. Many don’t even know about it and have never heard of this model. Therefore, one or the other owner has certainly bought such a vehicle or not bought it or even sold it without knowing what he was facing. It is also difficult to identify such a vehicle among all the “tuned” or conversions, including and especially with original BMW parts, since BMW as a manufacturer does not offer a platform by which these vehicles can be identified or the features of these vehicles can be listed. Since these vehicles are not yet oldtimers due to their current age (as of 2020), and the E36 model was first built in 1991, they are not of interest to BMW AG. This will certainly change from 2021, when the first E36 will be 30 years old and will be considered classic cars. But anyone who believes that BMW will then search through its archives to publish active information about this series and the special models is wrong. The only thing that will happen is that the spare parts prices will increase exponentially. An example is the E36 convertible stiffening cross part number 51718410212. This cost € 107.23 5 years ago, today, 5 years later, you pay € 375.68 for it! But on the other hand, one also has to say that even then, Tmany parts that were previously no longer available will be re-produced by BMW. That’s the good thing about it. You are happy to pay double or even more for a part that you have been looking for for years and couldn’t get. We will therefore continue to deal with the topic of E36 M Clubsport and these vehicles, as we have already done with the special model BMW E36 Class 2 and the BMW E30 M3, will also create a separate register of these BMW M Clubsport vehicles and All information about these vehicles that we receive can then be made publicly and unrestrictedly accessible on this platform for all interested parties.


But now to the E36 M Clubsport itself:


The special model Clubsport, or correctly called M Clubsport, was announced by BMW in 1997 in a limited number of 500 copies of the BMW E36 Coupe, but in fact only exactly 329 vehicles were produced by BMW. The Clubsport package, internal name “Individual Series 95 Atlanta Olympia Edition S768A” ore somtetims also  named  “Clubsport S768” in the description,  includes a two-part rear spoiler in the design of the M3 GT, but in contrast to the M3 GT, this spoiler had an integrated 3rd brake light in the middle of the lower spoiler part, the sword of the M3 GT, which, as with Class 2, was not freely adjustable, but could only be fully extended or fully retracted under the vehicle. the door sills and outer bumper strips with the Clubsport lettering, carbon center console, ashtray and glove box strip of the M3 GT, whereby the glove box strip had no recess (window) for the Motorsport International sign, but was smooth, the so-called GT corners below the front apron strip of the M3 GT, Alcantara sports seats (S481) in BOA BOA (E7AV), headliner in anthracite (S775), sports steering wheel S710, 17 inch rims S786 (cross-spoke styling 29) in 7 ½ x 17 and 8 ½ X17 with 225/45/17 and 245 / tires 40/17, white indicators S785, as well as the special equipment packages M sports suspension S704, M aerodynamics package (S7015) and the special equipment S719 Sports Edition. All clubsport also had the magazine network on the passenger side. The M Clubsport was only available as the 318iS, 320i ,323i and 328i.




Why was the special model “Clubsport” of the E 36 listed once in the special equipment “SA768 Clubsport” and once as “Individualserie 95 Atlanta Olympia Edition S768A”?


Now this question is interesting, but the answer is quite banal: BMW has numbered the SA list (special equipment list) the same for all models and the packages therefore included the same special equipment for the E36 as for the E34. Only at some point there were differences in the E34 and E36, since BMW had linked them to the database on their servers in the equipment list. With the E34, the SA (special equipment) 768 was the designation for the special model of the BMW E34 Atlanta Olympia Edition, which was only offered in the USA and was available in dark green and only as a 525i. here is the link to the contribution of the special model individual series 95 Atlanta Olympia Edition:


BMW E34 Individualserie 95 Atlanta Olympia Edition S768A


This is why there were still these internal mix-ups in the old databases. For example, with the Mdecoder, which is still based on the old data set, the chassis number of an E36 Clubsport still shows “Individualserie 95 Atlanta Olympia Edition SA 768”, while “” shows the same chassis number “SA768 Clubsport” for the special equipment is available. That’s basically the secret why it appears this way and that in the equipment list.


Since the BMW E36 Clubsport was built in 1997 and 1998, in the way the customers ordered it, the chassis numbers are not consecutive, which means not only the 5 end numbers of the chassis numbers are not consecutive, but also the last two letters of the 7 digits are different. While the older, first built 114 vehicles still had EP followed by 5 numbers, the final 189 vehicles had the letters ER and ES followed by 5 numbers.

Unlike the homologation vehicles BMW E36 M3 GT and BMW 318iS Class 2, all of which could be ordered separately in just one equipment variant, apart from a few details, such as air conditioning, rear electric windows, cassette compartment, alarm system, etc., and that Factory in a single interior color (M3 GT leather Mexico Green on the seat surfaces and Alcantara Anthracite on the sides, 318iS Class 2 seat upholstery in Rain cloth), buyers could choose between the normal appointments that were available for all E36.

Of the E36 Clubsport models, 143 vehicles were equipped with black Montana leather interior (P7SW), 3 vehicles with blue/violet leather (P7MA), 7 vehicles with light gray leather (P7TH), 1 vehicle with saffron yellow leather (P7SG) and 1 vehicle with Leather steel gray (P7ST) delivered.

All other vehicles (148 vehicles) were delivered with Boa Boa blue fabric as standard.

All Clubsport vehicles were in the colors Avus Blue – 276 (157 vehicles), Titanium – Silver – 354 (28 vehicles), Black 2 – 668 (2 vehicles), Dakar – Yellow 2 – 337 (16 vehicles), Cosmos – Black – 303 (81 vehicles), Arctic – Silver – 309 (21 vehicles), Sierra – Red – 357 (16 vehicles), as well as 8 vehicles with special paintwork – 490 (BMW Individual) delivered.

Unfortunately, for the 6 vehicles with the special paintwork, no further details are known as to which BMW Individual color it is exactly. We have therefore listed these 8 chassis numbers here below. These vehicles are:












All chassis numbers of the BMW E36 Clubsport vehicles can be found in our BMW E36 Clubsport register.



These emblems were attached to the outer bumper strips instead of the /// M emblems to identify the BMW E36 special models M Clubsport.



The door sill trims of the special model BMW E36 Clubsport also received the M Clubsport emblems on the door sill trims.


The special model E36 Clubsport sports seats in the color BOA BOA / Alcantara gray (E7AV) S481A were installed ex works.


In addition, the BMW E36 Clubsport received the ashtray, center console and glove box strip (the latter without a window for the Motorsport International sign) in carbon fiber, like the E36 M3 GT at the time.

Clubsport also received the rear spoiler of the legendary special model E36 M3 GT in a slightly modified version. In contrast to the E36 M3 GT, the rear spoiler of the special model E36 M Clubsport was delivered from the factory with an integrated 3rd brake light in the middle of the lower part of the 2-part spoiler.

In this picture the third brake light of the special model E36 Clubsport can be clearly seen …


The 17 inch rims S786 (cross spoke styling 29) in 7 ½ x 17 and 8 ½ X17 with 225/45/17 and 245/40/17 tires can be seen here on the picture


The following brochure contains instructions for authorized dealers on how to order the special BMW E36 Clubsport model at this point in time, as well as the equipment variants to be ordered with it or the excluded equipment variants.



This is the BMW E36 Clubsport Individual brochure






Das Sondermodell E36 M Clubsport wurde zudem, wie auch seinerzeit der legendäre E36 M3 GT mit dieser Additional operating instructions delivered: