For the French market, BMW launched the special “Berlines” models for the E36.  “Berlines” translated means “Sedan”. There is absolutely no information about how many vehicles BMW has produced with this equipment. Since we have not yet been able to find out which special equipment number (SAXXX or SXXXA) these vehicles had as the internal production designation, we have not yet been able to determine this. Should we ever find a vehicle with this equipment or if you should own such a vehicle, we would be grateful if you could give us the chassis number of the vehicle so that we can find out so that we can complete this information.

The equipment variant “Berline” or “Les Berlines” (plural) was only available for vehicles with the 318i, 320i and 325i engines. What confused us, however, is the fact that the “318i” is actually the “318is” with 138 hp and not the 318i which should actually have 118 hp. According to the brochure, this 318i offered there has 138PS ?? !!


The Berlin equipment was basically a kit with prefabricated options. You chose the exterior color and this was then to be combined with the interior colors that were then possible. Here you could then decide whether you wanted to select the “standard colors” which were available and can be ordered for all E36s without special equipment, or whether you wanted to select the special colors that were only available for this special model “Berlines”. And that is exactly the difficulty that we have because there is not a single feature that was only reserved for the special series “Berline”.

The following is the official BMW brochure for the special series BMW E36 “Les Berlines”.