In 1996, when the E36 series was phased out, since the E46 was already in the starting blocks and delivery was due to begin in 1998, numerous “special models”, perhaps better said “special offers” of all variants of the E36. I therefore say “special offers” because these models are not really special editions, which were planned and then deliberately set in specified and limited numbers from the outset, such as the E36 Class 2, the E36 M3 GT or the E30, for example the special models European Champion or Sport Evolution was the case. With these models there were no special badges or even sales brochures with which BMW advertised these special models.

Although these models are also listed as “special series” in the production history and the production day is also entered as with the real special models, there is no information about what exactly this package, which makes this special equipment so special and distinguishes it.

For the European market, the BMW E36 Compackt offered what I call “special offers”, “fashion”, “high sport” and “young at heart”. There was also a small series “KA54” that was put together by the BMW dealership FREESE in Oldenburg.

All of these “special offers” had a corresponding basic equipment, which was then expanded to include one or more packages and individual additional items, which are attractive for the respective selected target group for which the respective ” Special model ”and was intended by the BMW Marketing Department, simply expanded. In addition, of course, as with all BMW models, the customer also had the option of ordering additional extras that were not already included in the packages or that did not collide due to the “special offer – basic equipment” at an additional cost.


This in advance as general information about these variants for a better understanding.


We did a lot of research and found that there is almost no information on such vehicles and that even BMW AG unfortunately no longer has any data on these vehicles, as this was only offered in the factory as a “temporary special offer” in 1997.

We have such a “special model E36 Compact YOUNG AT HEART” in the color Black II in our collection. We were able to acquire this vehicle in November 2021, but it is currently still untouched and in very poor condition. Of course, this vehicle will be restored in the future and restored to its original condition, as the vehicle left the BMW factory at the time. We have added a few pictures of the current condition of the vehicle on the page below.

The YOUNG AT HEART edition is based on the basic model with the features, COMFORT PACKAGE (SA0972) and the item SPECIAL EQUIPMENT (SA940) and INDIVIDUAL UPHOLSTERY (Z1XX) noted as a reference. These notes SPECIAL EQUIPMENT (SA940) and INDIVIDUAL UPHOLSTERY (Z1XX) in the production order only indicate that this vehicle is factory-made with the ORDER NUMBER number and special number, in the case of YOUNG AT HAERT this is the number “S”, and furthermore still a corresponding one Receives special equipment.

The special model “YOUNG AT HEART” was available in the colors LIGHT RED (314) and BLACK II. Both models had the fabric cover “HURRICAN II” (No. 2 138 309) in anthracite with red stripes, side panel inserts in fabric Hurrican II anthracite red ( No. 2 277 123) and the black WALKNAPPA leather steering wheel with red stitching, the gearshift bag and the handbrake lever bellows were made of soft nappa leather “MUGELLOROT” (2 136 749) and quilted thread also in MUGELLOROT color no. 1725E was held.


The assignment is made:


Equipment: Basic model Plus special equipment EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE (SA0971) and COMFORT PACKAGE (SA0972), Plus note SPECIAL EQUIPMENT (SA940) and INDIVIDUAL UPHOLSTERY (Z1XX) stipulate that there are further features, the special number

“S” indicates that this equipment constellation should make the special model “YOUNG AT HEART”, but it has not yet been determined whether the LIGHT RED or BLACK II variant will be built. The final identification only results from the reference FARBE 668 on the production order:




The special equipment of the BMW E36 Compackt YOUNG AT HEART SA075 includes:


BMW SA075:


“BMW individual” —- S O N D E R S E R I E E36 / 5, V-2- * Variant: Young at heart_ (SCHWARZ II 668). Product application: 228 Z1XX seats front and rear in Hurrican II fabric, anthracite (No. 2 138 309), but main seat parts front and rear in Hurrican II fabric, anthracite red (No. 2 138 312). Headrest in Hurrican II fabric, anthracite (No. 2 138 309). Door and side panel inserts in Hurrican II fabric, anthracite red (No. 2 277 123). Shift and handbrake bellows in soft nappa mugello red (2 136 749), handbrake lever handle in soft nappa black (No. 1 938 942), quilted thread in mugello red, color no. 1725E (omission of gear lever bellows with automatic version) Velor floor mats (key no. 423) in anthracite with edging tape in red (4079) rear seat cover with clamping strip and rear wall black Other interior fittings as with “Crazy” fabric, anthracite, key no. E2AT 0940 storage net on the transmission tunnel on the passenger side.



Our BMW E36 Compact special model YOUNG AT HEART SA075 was already slightly damaged in an accident when it was purchased in November 2021.



A typical illness especially with the compact models of the late and last days of production, rusted through stabilizer mounts on the front axle, from which our special model is unfortunately not spared either.


The rocker panel around the rear right jacking point of our Compact E36 special model Young at Heart SA075 also got hit hard. As you can see, there is nothing left, even the jack mount is simply rusted in this area and you can practically see behind the door panel of the rear seat bench … certainly an interesting but certainly not a beautiful sight …

We rusted the seat frame of our BMW E36 316i Compact “Young at Heart Edition” and thoroughly cleaned the rails. Later, when the seat is reassembled in the vehicle, the rails are well oiled and greased…



The preparation for the assembly of the refurbished seat cushions…



The seat cushions on our BMW E36 316i “Young at Heart Edition” were really bad. The cover was totally dirty and so greasy… We therefore decided to completely remove the seat covers from the seat and washed them in the washing machine in several wash cycles (colored laundry up to 30 degrees)… The upholstery also had huge holes on the front seat and the rear seat bench and the foam was totally broken. Here in the picture before the removal…



After we had upholstered the seat upholstery of our BMW E36 316i special model “Young at Heart Edition”, we absolutely had to get the colorful seat cover in Hurricane 2 Red, because unfortunately it was no longer available and we didn’t get it new, because it seemed to only be for this one special model made in 100 units. Thank God we were able to find the anthracite Hurrican 2 side stuffing, because these parts were completely torn open at the entrance next to the seat and the side backrest and had to be replaced in any case.



The plastic pins must be replaced every time the seat cushion is installed. They always break when you remove them.



After the successful installation of our prepared seat covers and upholstery, the seats of our E36 316i Compact “Young at Heart special model look quite reasonable again…





Here you can clearly see that on our E36 316i Compact the UV rays of the sun have faded the fabric in some places over the years…



We were also able to preserve and process the shift boot and the handbrake boot of our BMW E36 Compact special model Young at Heart Edition, which is in the leather color Mugello Red.



We were also able to keep and refurbish the handbrake handle in black leather with red quilting thread, also in Mugello red. All things that unfortunately can no longer be obtained new…