The special model BMW E36 Mora, or correctly called, BMW special individual series 97 Selection Mora (PA228)


There is almost no information at all about this 1997 BMW special model.

These 50 vehicles were manufactured by BMW in 1997 exclusively for the French market. They were each given a badge with the corresponding serial number of the vehicle and the inscription “Limited Series – Individual Series Mora” – N ° X / 50 “.” Below the light switch on the driver’s side.



“MORA” comes from Spanish and is the Spanish word for the fruit “blackberry” which, due to the exterior color, a BMW Individual color Mora Metallic BMW color code 359, was chosen as the namesake for this limited series.






The extended leather upholstery (the same for all 50 vehicles) was kept in nappa cream white “L9CW”, beige-brown and chocolate tones, carpeting and floor mats in velor cream white “7400” and the applications in briar (briar wood) to an extended extent such as on the steering wheel, the Glove box strip, the handbrake handle and the ashtray covers, the door handles on the door panels and the center console rounded off the overall picture harmoniously for the eye and were the same in all vehicles. These vehicles all had the extended leather interior ex works.







The “Chrome Line Equipment” (SA345) on the inside door lever, the brake lever button and on the bezels of the window regulator switches and the loudspeaker rings, as well as the complete “Exclusiveline Package” (SA971) belonged to this exclusive and strictly limited special model “Mora Edition” “



This equipment also included the “Streamline” rims BMW Styling 41.