In the following, we have shown a few steering wheels that we have re-covered for our vehicles ourselves over the past few years. Like everything in life, it takes a bit of practice, but you can learn a lot with a bit of manual skills.

The steering read below is a standard BMW E46 steering wheel.

We divided the design of the seams and the seams into 4 parts compared to the factory reference and then sewed them together
The cross-stitch seam is like the original factory-attached cover, but there is no other way

This steering wheel is a BMW E36 steering wheel with /// M seam in the middle and a beige lower part in which we have embroidered our /// Mflight logo to see what the end result looks like. However, we have not used this steering wheel and is on our shelf as a “prototype”. We have replaced this with another, later variant, which is shown below.

The later version of the prototype can be seen below.

The logo is clearly better in contrast due to the other, darker color choice

Below is another BMW E46 Bicolor steering wheel that we had installed in one of our E46 325ti. The starting point here was a normal steering wheel, which was posted (thicker). This is a little thicker than the /// M Technik steering wheel.

Here, too, the wreath was composed of 4 parts and the seam was kept in the so-called /// M colors (light blue, dark blue and red)

The following steering wheel is again an E36 steering wheel, which we installed in our BMW E36 M3. Here again 4 parts, which we did not make the same size, but kept the dimensions of the standard steering wheel in the division

The following steering wheel is again an E36 steering wheel, but from a BMW 318IS Class 2. We have not changed this at all in the design, but adopted the original design 1: 1 and only replaced it with new, high-quality leather.

Here is another BMW E46 steering wheel from an M3 with an SMG II gearbox. Oh, here we have the steering wheel in bi-color and 4 parts of equal size and covered again with // M seam

The following steering wheel is again an E36 steering wheel, which we have covered with leather and Alcantara. Here, too, the division is again made into 4 units of equal size with black seams

Again an E46 steering wheel, again from an M3, but this time completely in BMW leather in the color Arizona Sun with yellow stitching

Here a BMW E36 steering wheel in bi-color in the colors Mexico green and black with black stitching