The BMW E30 ALPINA B6 3.5S

Everyone who knows the BMW brand is also familiar with ALPINA. Since BMW had already started production of the BMW E30 M3 in 1986, this was also a challenge for the high-end manufacturer ALPINA to further refine this almost perfect vehicle or to make it even more exclusive for customers who were willing to pay.

In October 1987, ALPINA began to create the ALPINA B6 3.5S with the customer’s options ex works based on the BMW E30 M3. This vehicle could then also be ordered in the “ALPINA Blue” color reserved exclusively for ALPINA vehicles.

At that time, the color “ALPINA green mellic” was also available, but not a single ALPINA B6 3.5 S was built or delivered in this color.

The company ALPINA got all M3 completely delivered to Buchloe, where these vehicles were then handcrafted in a small series production.

The first measure was to expand the in-line four-cylinder engine, S14, supplied as standard in the BMW M3 E30 by BMW Motorsport GmbH. This was then replaced according to the regulations of the regulations for Group N for racing purposes, in-line six-cylinder with two valves per cylinder and a duplex chain, the basis of which also comes from BMW. With a cylinder length of 92.0 mm and a stroke of 86 mm, this came to a total displacement of 3,430 cc and has a compression ratio of 10.0: 1 254 hp (187 kW).

ALPINA replaced the standard connecting rods with longer steel connecting rods and shorter Mahle pistons, in which the piston pins were also offset higher to the piston crown.

The cylinder head has also been completely revised and the combustion chambers have been precisely gauged.

The engine cooling was imposed by an electric fan rights of the viscous fan. In addition, Bosch Motronik controlled the electronic ignition, the consumer injection with overrun fuel cut-off with two different maps, which were optionally unleaded for the specific types of control

By means of a second switch above the radio, labeled with the letters S and N, these maps for the different contracts of the driver were negligent, as there was not yet a conscientious one. This motronic can also have a small red chip, which was given a different, more revving character due to the heavy-duty parameters of speed, intake manifold pressure and air density, i.e. finally due to the engine. This chip was already exchangeable and freely programmable!

In addition, these consequences of an ALPINA manifold stainless steel exhaust system with wider arms 3 – way catalyst with heated lambda probe real estate.

In contrast, ALPINA apparently had no objection to the chassis. The factory-installed standard chassis of the “Standard M3 E30” remained there.

However, the rims and tire combinations were also exchanged. Here ALPINA relied on its own design ALPINA rims in the dimensions 8X16 with Michelin tires in size 225/454/16 MXX.

The ALPINA B6 3.5 S had a rear axle ratio of 2.79: 1 (series BMW E30 M3 3.25: 1) with a 25% acceleration and accelerated from 0 to 100 km / h in just 6.6 seconds already at 4000 rpm. A torque of 320 Newton meters.

The ALPINA B6 3.5 S was only built in an edition of 62 copies between October 1987 and January 1991.

All chassis numbers of the ALPINA B6 3.5S ever built are listed below:

Chassis number Color Month of production Country of delivery:


WAPB635S0BA50001 Diamantschw. Okt. 1987 Deutschland WAPB635S0BA50002 —–ALPINA Blau—–Nov. 1987—–Deutschland WAPB635S0BA20003—–Lachssilber——-Jan. 1988—–Frankreich WAPB635S0BA50004—–Alpinweiß——–Febr. 1988—-Deutschland WAPB635S0BA50005—–Diamantschw.—-Febr. 1988—-Deutschland WAPB635S0BA50006—–Diamantschw.—-März 1988—-Deutschland WAPB635S0BA50007—–ALPINA Blau——März 1988—-Deutschland WAPB635S0BA50008—–Diamantschw.—-März 1988—-Deutschland WAPB635S0BA50009—–Delphin-met.—–April 1988—-Deutschland WAPB635S0BA50010—–ALPINA Blau——März 1988—-Frankreich WAPB635S0BA50011—–Lachssilber——–April 1999—-Frankreich WAPB635S0BA50012—–Royalblau———April 1988—-Japan WAPB635S0BA50013—–Diamantschw.—–April 1988—-Japan WAPB635S0BA50014—–Zinnoberrot——-April 1988—-Schweiz WAPB635S0BA50015—–ALPINA Blau——-Mai 1988—–Deutschland WAPB635S0BA50016—–Royalblau———-Mai 1988—–Deutschland WAPB635S0BA50017—–Lachssilber———Mai 1988—–Deutschland WAPB635S0BA50018—–ALPINA Blau——-Mai 1988—–Deutschland WAPB635S0BA50019—–Zinnopbarrot——Mai 1988—–Deutschland WAPB635S0BA50020—–Diamantschw.—–Mai 1988—–Deutschland WAPB635S0BA50021—–Alpinweiß———-Juni 1988—–Deutschland WAPB635S0BA50022—–ALPINA Blau——-Juli 1988——Deutschland WAPB635S0BA50023—–Zinnobarrot——-Juli 1988——-Deutschland WAPB635S0BA20024—–Alpinweiß———Sept.1988——Frankreich WAPB635S0BA60025—–Diamantschw.—–Juni 1988——Schweiz WAPB635S0BA20026—–ALPINA Blau——Dez.1988——-Schweiz WAPB635S0BA50027—–Royalblau———-Dez.1988——Frankreich WAPB635S0BA50028—–ALPINA Blau——Okt. 1988——Deutschland WAPB635S0BA50029—–Lachssilber——-Nov. 1988——Deutschland WAPB635S0BA50030—–Delphinblau——Dez.1988——Deutschland WAPB635S0BA20031—–Lachssilber——-Jan. 1989——-Frankreich WAPB635S0BA20032—–Lachssilber——-Febr. 1889——Frankreich WAPB635S0BA50033—–Diamantschw.—–Jan. 1989——Deutschland WAPB635S0BA60034—–Diamantschw.—-Febr.1989——Schweiz WAPB635S0BA50035—–Lachssilber——-Mai 1989——-England WAPB635S0BA60036—–ALPINA Blau—–Apr. 1989——-Schweiz WAPB635S0BA60037—–Diamantschw.—-Mai 1989——-Schweiz WAPB635S0BA60038—–Zinnobarrot——Mai 1989——-Andorra WAPB635S0BA50039—–Alpinweiß——–Mai 1989——-Deutschland WAPB635S0BA50040—–Diamantschw.—-Juni 1989——Deutschland WAPB635S0BA60041—–Macaoblau——-Mai 1989——-Schweiz WAPB635S0BA60042—–Macaoblau——-Juni 1989——Deutschland WAPB635S0BA50043—–ALPINA Blau—–Juni 1989——-Frankreich WAPB635S0BA60044—–Diamantschw.—-Juli 1989——-Schweiz WAPB635S0BA60045—–Diamantschw.—-Juli 1989——-Schweiz WAPB635S0BA60046—–ALPINA Blau—–Juli 1989——-Schweiz WAPB635S0BA60047—–Alpinweiß——–Juli 1989——-Schweiz WAPB635S0BA50048—–Macaoblau——-Aug. 1989——-Deutschland WAPB635S0BA50049—–Diamantschw. —Aug. 1989——-Deutschland WAPB635S0BA50050—–ALPINA Blau—–Sept. 1989——Frankreich WAPB635S0BA60051—–Brilliantrot——-Nov. 1989——-Schweiz WAPB635S0BA50053—–Brilliantrot——-Dez. 1989——Deutschland WAPB635S0BA60054—–Diamantschw.—-Jan. 1990——Schweiz WAPB635S0BA50055—–Macaoblau——–Jan. 1990——Deutschland WAPB635S0BA50056—–Sterlingsilber—-Feb. 1990——Frankreich WAPB635S0BA50057—–Diamantschw.—–Feb. 1990—–Deutschland WAPB635S0BA60058—–Diamantschw.—-März 1990—-Schweiz WAPB635S0BA50059—–Brilliantrot——-Juli 1990——Deutschland WAPB635S0BA50060—–ALPINA Blau—–Okt. 1990——Frankreich WAPB635S0BA60061—–Macaoblau——–Jan. 1991——Schweiz

There is another vehicle, a 62nd vehicle, but the chassis number cannot be found out.

To explain the chassis numbers either starting with BA20, this means that these vehicles are without a catalytic converter, while the vehicles with BA50 and BA60 are vehicles that were delivered with a catalytic converter.

The standard equipment of the ALPINA B6 3.5 S includes:

  • ABS
  • SECTION ALPINA side stripes decor set in silver or gold of your choice
  • Central locking
  • Electric windows in front
  • Hand-sewn leather steering wheel diameter. 380 mm
  • Sports seats
  • Interior with upholstery fabric and asymmetrical blue and green stripes
  • Digital display for engine oil and rear axle temperature, engine oil intake manifold pressure
  • Driver footrest
  • Shift knob made of rosewood
  • Stereo radio cassette system with 4 speakers
  • Silver-plated nameplate with production number
  • ALPINA rims in 8x 16 inches with Michelin MXX tires in size 225/45/16

In this basic version, the ALPINA B6 3.5 S costs 98,000 DM (50,106 €)

The following options could be ordered as special equipment:

  • Metallic paint 950 DM (486 €)
  • ALPINA special paint (blue or green) DM 4,120 (€ 2,107)
  • ALPINA Digital Cockpit (in the left ventilation grille) 1,350 DM (690 €)
  • Air conditioning DM 3,650 (€ 1,866)
  • Electric steel roof 1,670 DM (854 €)
  • Rear vent window 240 DM (123 €)
  • Headlight wiper and washer system 695 DM (355 €)
  • On-board computer 585 DM (300 €)
  • Trempomat 675 DM (345 €)
  • Interior in Alcantara DM 5,900 (€ 3,017)

In addition, the normal options that BMW already offered ex works were also available.

What could no longer be ordered were the following equipment:

  • trailer hitch
  • Auxiliary heating

ALPINA customers had to forego these options.