As is the case when you are very fond of a brand or, as in the case of our club, are more addicted to it, you naturally try to bring together as many things as possible on this topic, following the motto “nice to have”. So it’s not about the question of whether you actually need something, but about whether it wouldn’t be nice to include this or that in the collection. In fact, both are the case here.

Who does not know this, you want to carry out a repair on your vehicle and then realize that a special tool is required for this. Either you know someone who has one that you can borrow, or you reach into your pocket again and buy this special tool, which is not always cheap.

In our case it is more the case that we search the scene in the relevant forums and platforms constantly and specifically for everything that is currently being offered or sold under the BMW brand.

Here we became aware of an offer that we had not seen before. There were even 2 advertisements of the same type in which someone offered a set of old special tools including the cupboard for them. Unfortunately we weren’t quick enough with the first offer, unfortunately that had already been bought by someone else who was lucky. But we were lucky with the second!

We were able to buy this entire cabinet including the old special tools for vehicles up to approx. 2000 (the E46 is also included). We didn’t have to think twice, a suitable bus was quickly organized ….

When we had already invited everything to the provider, he said …: “You are interested in BMW … I might have something for you that might be of interest to you …”

And then the seller showed us a room in which he kept over 100 original BMW repair manuals and circuit diagrams for cars from the early 1970s to the E36, E38 and E39 series and said: “… If you are interested, you can do this also have for a small thaler. ” We didn’t need to think twice, there was space in the bus and things were loaded immediately.

Arrive back home with the treasures
The rear walls of the sliding system for the original BMW special tool cabinet
The original BMW special tools sign for the front of the cabinet was also included.
Immediately ready for cleaning.
A corresponding shelf for the rare files was quickly provided.
Sorting the special tools was a very nice pastime. We couldn’t wait …
These tools for assembling and disassembling the valves were also included.
The cupboard had already been dismantled years ago and had to be cleaned thoroughly, and that outdoors at a pleasant 2 degrees plus!
There were countless tools, we haven’t had the opportunity to take a closer look at all of them.
Lots of boxes with hundreds of tools, some of them tiny
It was a tough job building the BMW tool cabinet. You definitely can’t do it alone. Sometimes the elements are so heavy or simply unwieldy.
After removing the individual elements of the dirt from the “black hand”, the imprints of the mechanic Branken, which they had left on our BMW special tool cabinet, the whole thing looked pretty good again. Unfortunately we still have one element left that unfortunately no longer fit in the closet.