Many have certainly wondered how the 17-digit BMW chassis numbers are structured and what the background and meaning of these letters and numbers is. We want to deal with this topic in this article:

In the following we have listed a case study with which we explain the “secret” of these apparently random and meaningless letters and numbers thrown together. And you will hardly believe it, there actually is a meaning behind it.

But now to the topic and our example, we would like to illustrate and explain the structure of the meaning and meaning of the BMW chassis numbers:

Chassis number Example:


No. 1) Digits 1-3 of the chassis number:

WBA = World Manufacturer Code and says where the vehicle was built. Here in Munich

No. 2) Digit 4-7 of the chassis number:

VB71 = Type code, this tells you which vehicle it is (here 323i).

No. 3) Digit 8 of the chassis number:

0 = safety equipment. Here in the present case seat belt

No. 4) Digit 9 of the chassis number:

8 = check digit

No. 5) Digit 10 of the chassis number:

0 = year of construction

No. 6) Digit 11 of the chassis number:

A = assembly plant (here “A” stands for Munich)

No. 7) Digit 12-17 of the chassis number:

P50719 = Consecutive serial numbering of the vehicles.


We hope that this article has helped to make the background and the factual connections hidden in the chassis number of BMW vehicles understandable.