For the first time, BMW offered the limited M3 GTS in the eye-catching fire orange color. At the moment, the Germans have introduced the color on several limited edition models like the Lime Rock Park Edition and the M3 Tiger Edition. The latter is a new, special version especially for China in a limited number of 250 copies.


Here are a few pictures of this very rare and camera shy vehicle. It is one of three copies that were delivered in Kunming. It is one car in a long list of models made exclusively for China to add to the exclusivity of a model. The demand for sports cars in China is so great that many people happily pay more to own a limited and more exclusive model. What is unique about the M3 Tiger Edition is that it does not have a carbon fiber roof, but a panoramic roof made of glass.


In addition, almost every single part of the exterior is black. In the interior we find special finishes such as orange stitching and a tiger embroidered in the two front headrests.


There was also a door sill strip in black with the lettering Tiger Edition


Under the hood everything stayed the same, or the engine is the same as in the M3 GTS or M3 CRT with 450 hp. In the Chinese special model, only the normal 4.0 liter V8 M3 engine from the production model of the M3 E92 with 420 hp was installed.


Also all add-on parts such as rims



the exhaust system

and the grille

Everything in the tiger edition was kept in black, which is an excellent contrast to the fire orange.

The Tiger Edition is limited to 250 copies, which is why you can count yourself extremely lucky in a market like China if you could get hold of one of the special models. Even if there is no official statement yet, we assume that the entire contingent has already found buyers.

Unfortunately, BMW has once again not attached a sticker with the serial number of the vehicle to this special model, which would indicate its exclusivity, as was the case with the limited edition of the E92 M3 Champions Edition, for example.