What is the BMW E36 M3 GT Individual?


Certainly very few have ever heard of this vehicle. But it was actually built by BMW in 1995 in parallel with the BMW E36 M3 GT special model!


However, this vehicle was intended exclusively for the British market and was therefore only built as a right-hand drive in an edition of 50 vehicles.


These vehicles can be recognized by the fact that the vehicle equipment lists the optional equipment SA 873 M3 GT Individual, SA 950 British Racing Green and the optional equipment SA812 GB specification. Here is a production note, this is, as with all BMWs, ex works under the rear seat bench in the seat upholstery linkage!





Like the E36 M3GT, these vehicles were only delivered from the factory in the color “British Racing Green” and with interior fittings in anthracite-colored Alcantara on the side bolsters and leather in “Mexico Green” on the seat surfaces. The British E36 M3 GT Individual also had the same aerodynamic add-on parts as its big mainland brother the E36 M3GT (continuously adjustable front splitter, Sachs suspension, rear spoiler). The M Technik bumper strips also featured the “Motorsport International” emblem on the doors.



Only the carbon fiber parts installed in the interior of the M3 GT were kept in wood decor on the British model E36 M3 GT Individual. But the wood decor glove compartment strips did not have the window or the recess for the Motorsport International emblem. Unfortunately, the Briton had to do without this emblem on the glove compartment strip.


Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to find out why the Motorsport International emblems were not attached to these vehicles, nor why the carbon fiber decorative strips were not installed ex works on this vehicle.

As with the E36 M3 GT, the rims are also the forged rims Motorsport rims (double spoke forged and polished) in the dimensions 7 ½ X 17 ET41 (BMW part number 36 11 2 227 759) on the front axle and 8 ½ X 17 ET41 (BMW part number 36 11 2 227 760) on the rear axle



In all 50 vehicles of the BMW E36 M3 GT Individual, the last 7 digits of the chassis number begin with EA, as does the 356 vehicles of the M3 GT and are not continuous, as is the case with the BMW E36 M3 GT, but there are also jumps in it.



The first vehicle has the chassis number EA68737, while the remaining 49 vehicles have the chassis numbers from EA85023 to EA85131 and therefore only the digits 7-5 are the same.






In the following we have shown a sales brochure, the only thing we have been able to find about this vehicle so far. It’s bad, but a bad picture is better than none at all.


We have also created a register for these vehicles and try to keep it as up-to-date as possible. However, we cannot do this alone. For this we need your help! We would be happy if you have any further information that you would share with us.